Lebenszentrum Adelshofen

(Theological Seminary - Conference Centre - Evangelical Community) The Lebenszentrum is an interdenominational, evangelical centre of Christian learning and living that serves the Christian Church.

  • We offer comprehensive Christian training through our Theological Seminary.
  • We host as well as minister to church conferences in our conference facilities.
  • We support and encourage local churches in their vision for dynamic church growth.
  • We engage in many outreach ministries: e.g., ministry to families, to children, to youth, to men, to ladies, through literature, through person-to-person-counselling, through teaching and preaching, through friendship evangelism (especially to foreigners), seminars, home Bible studies etc.

The Theological Seminary offers:

Undergraduate programmes

A four year theological programme. If you follow this programme you will be granted a Bachelor of Theology (equiv.) degree by the European Council for Theological Education. It is designed for people who wish to prepare for fulltime Christian service (pastoral ministry, mission work at home or abroad, church-related ministries, youth work, youth and child evangelism etc.).


A two year training programme

After successfully taking two years of studies, you have the possibility to continue for the 4-year programme or you will receive a 2-year diploma. After finishing two years you might work as a technical missionary or part-time worker in church and youth work.


A one year training programme

This programme is designed for professionals who desire teaching on the foundational doctrines of Christian living, i.e. people who want to serve the Lord effectively in their secular calling.

Postgraduate programme 

A two year postgraduate programme

These academic postgraduate courses in the field of Practical Theology lead to a Master of Theology programme at the University of South Africa.

(All our courses are in German!)

The Community of Adelshofen

The Community of Adelshofen is an evangelical order of 23 celibatarian sisters and 9 celibatarian brothers who run the Lebenszentrum as institution together with several married and single staff members. Through our prayer and worship times and daily sharing of our lives with students and guests we wish to exemplify Christian love and fellowship and provide an environment where Christians can grow in love and knowledge of God. As groups and teams of the Lebenszentrum we reach out to share the Gospel and help churches in their ministry to people in need.